Training Courses

Induction to managing risk ·         Introduction to risk management

·         Risk management models

·         Introduction to risk control organization

·         Introduction to risk control administration system

·         Introduction to risk identification and assessment- controlling of risks

·         Introduction to incident/accident investigations

·         Introduction to OHSACT and safety for supervisors

Supervisors and officers
Firefighting and evacuation ·         The science of FIRE

·         Manuals/Visual aids/Practical demonstration/ Theory of fire components and practical operation of extinguishers

·         Duties and responsibilities of the chief fire marshal and fire marshal

·         Main principles of fire safety: Fire procedures and evacuation/storage practices and flammable liquids/sprinklers/alarm systems/ portable fire appliances/ Hose reels and hydrants

·         Practical use of portable fire equipment

All General staff (1/2 day) with mini demonstration of use of portable fire equipment
Business Interruption recovery planning ·         Risk general

·         Understanding a business interruption o What constitutes an emergency

·         Emergency / Crisis development

·         Stages of planning

·         Emergency checklists

·         Development of stage 1 to stage 12

(2 days)
Safety Rep ·         Manuals / visual aids / H&S Rep Techniques

·         Intro to Health&Safety

·         The OHSACT

·         Hazard Identification

·         The health & Safety Report

·         Investigation Procedure o Health & Safety Committee system o Managing a health & Safety programme

(New appointee 2 days) New appointee (Theory & plant/ Operations walk through)
First Aid Training Level ·         Principles of First Aid and safety, Emergency scene management

·         Principle & practices of first aid

·         Manuals/ Visuals/Practical demonstration

·         Safety orientated first aid/ Medical legal aspects/ breathing

·         Artificial respiration/ shock/ unconsciousness/ fainting

·         Fractures/ burns/ head and spinal injuries/ unconsciousness

·         Survival position/ one rescuer/ CPR/ Chocking/ Shock

·         Wounds&Bleeding/ dressing/ bandages & splints/ burns

·         Head & spinal injuries/ injuries to muscle & ligaments

·         Certificate in principles & practices first aid level 1

First Aid Training level 2 ·         Principles of first aid and safety, emergency scene management

·         Medical legal aspects/ artificial respiration/ one rescuer CPR

·         Chocking/ shock/Wound and bleeding/ dressing/ bandages & splints/ burns/ fractures/ head and spinal injuries

·         Shock, unconsciousness and fainting/ survival position

·         Joint injuries and rescues carries/ chest injuries/ hand and spinal injuries/ multiple injury management

·         Child and infant resuscitation/ pelvic and abdominal injuries

·         Environmental illnesses and injuries/ bites/ stings/ chest pain and paralysis/ fits (epilepsy)

·         Certificate in advanced first aid level 2

First aid training level 3 ·         Principles of first aid and safety, emergency scene management

·         Artificial respiration/ One rescuer CPR/ chocking

·         Wounds/ bleeding/ burns/ shock, unconsciousness and fainting

·         Head and spinal injuries/ joint injuries and rescue carries

·          Chest / Head / Eye Injuries / Poisoning, bites and stings

·         Chest pain and paralysis / fits, breathlessness and skin reactions

·         General principles of fractures and the threatened limb

·         Specific fractures/ head and spinal injuries

·         Multiple injury management/ emergency scene management triage/ Pelvic, abnormal and crush injuries / soft tissue injuries

·         Emergency childbirth/ behavioral problems/ water accidents

·         Applied anatomy and physiology/ ethics related to emergency care/ the first aider and the law

·         Certificate in higher first aid level 3

Incident/ Accident ·         Accidents/ illnesses/ the cost factor

·         The need to investigate / demands of the

(1 day)