Policies and Procedures

We help organisation design safety guidelines, policies and procedures on top of training their staff on Occupational health safety practices. Safety is everybody’s responsibility. It is mandatory that each organisation and its staff must adhere to the Health & Safety policies as accidents are very costly. Safety conscious organisations have always maximised their profits by ensuring a zero accident policy of safety. In the long run accidents are very expensive on an organisation as equipments & properties are destroyed, operation time is lost, lives are lost; among others. Since the most important factor of production is man; strict health & safety procedures must be set by any organisation to protect its workforce from accidents.

Research Expertise

We pride in tentatively qualified and internationally accredited, registered & licensed Safety professionals. Uganda Safety Council has for years been consulted as well as hired by public & private organisations for comprehensive research in a variety of disciplines including:

Accident Investigation

Thousands of Accidents occur in the world daily. The failure of people, equipments, supplies or surroundings to behave or react as expected cause most accidents, Accidents are one of the leading of deaths competing with HIV/AIDS and Malaria. Accident investigation can help determine how and why the accident occurred. The information gained can also be used to prevent the re-occurrence of a similar or perhaps more disastrous accidents in future. Accident investigation must not aim at portioning blame but rather preventing an accident. An accident investigation is not complete until an accident Investigation report is prepared and submitted to the right authorities. A detailed analysis of an accident will normally reveal three cause levels; Basic causes, Indirect and Direct causes. Until all the levels are critically analysed and prompt safety actions are undertaken hazards will always escape detection hence the occurrence of accidents.

Fire Safety

Uganda is currently facing numerous fires out breaks in schools, markets, arcades and houses. Fire effects are diverse with lots of lives lost, property destroyed, and lots of injuries sustained. In our campaign, fire safety is one of our focal points of concern.

Our country is surrounded by potentially hazardous fire outbreak causes. The mushrooming petrol stations around the capital city indicate the greatest risk of fire outbreak is strict safety measures are not observed. All the major commercial buildings have no escape routes nor are extinguishers posted in the building anticipating fire outbreaks. There is much more than just safety sensitization required, other than that we stand the greatest fire risk in the country.

Other than training fire fighters and the general fire safety practices we have dependable and comprehensive fire suppressive system to secure organisations and buildings. Besides recommended fire extinguishers, we have a wide range of fire equipments and fire suppressive programs best suited for multinational companies.

The term FIRE stands for (Fight, Inform, Report, Extinguish).Scientifically fire is a chemical reaction of Oxygen, Heat and Fuel in a single condition. Eliminating one of the elements of fire is among the easiest ways of fighting fire.Emmergency fire escape routes must be catered for at any business work place or institution. Incase of any fire outbreak; we recommend that you use the SAFE procedure of fighting the fire thus;

S-Sound the Alarm

A-Advice the fire department (Brigade)

F-Fight the fire (incase it is manageable)

E-Evacuate Immediately

Remember to be calm, don’t panic and follow evacuation instruction, avoid lifts incase of a fire; before anything ensure that PEOPLE are evacuated, don’t forget your PPE while attempting to fight the fire.

Fire Equipment:

Depending on your order, we have the ability to avail a variety of fire safety products at our stores. These include:

  • Fire alarms
  • smoke detectors
  • fire horse
  • Fire extinguishers, etc.
  • Fire vests

Training Programs

We invite you to join us in our safety training courses. We pride ourselves in internationally recognised Safety Speciality programs conducted by highly experienced professional safety tutors who will offer you the benefit of their years of practical experience. We guarantee that you will become the best safety officers and tomorrow’s highly sought safety Manager, Practitioner and Consultant .Our aim is to affiliate  with different internationally recognised Environmental, Health and Safety Organisations like NEBOSH, IOS, OSHA, CIE, IEMA, among others has bench marked us as the best Safety trainers in Uganda. Nothing other than Quality assured training is what we have specialized in ever since our existence.

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