About us

A few words About Us

Uganda Safety Council is Uganda’s largest membership organization committed to the promotion of safe and healthy working conditions for both men and women. Since its foundation in 2005, USC has grown into a policy advocacy, with extensive experience in the provision of tailor made solutions for organisations that seek a co-ordinated approach to managing their risks and statutory requirements.

Our Activities

  1. OSHA Awareness in the country
  2. OSHA Training on Labour Laws
  3. OSHA Audits & Inspections
  4. OSHA Publications
  5. Certification & Accreditation
  6. Advocacy & Compliance
  7. OSHA Annual Awards

Our Scope

Our membership & services are unlimited to all kinds of industries and some of these include Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Telecom and others.

Our Mission

To grow, protect and promote Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at work places in Uganda while providing members with benefits that help them to be more successful in all aspects of occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) and Environmental standards.

Our Goals

  • USC is a company that aims – to promote Health and Safety as a Profession in Uganda, and to help organisations understand the concept of Health and Safety Management Systems.
  • To provide internally developed Health and Safety to suite Ugandan Market and to implement courses that render Internationally recognized qualifications through Partnership with International Awarding bodies.
  • To train our customers to make the world of work a safer place for not only their customers but their work colleagues and anyone they come into contact with during their working day. We take pride in what we do and are only satisfied when our customers are too. Many of our Clients have come back to us for Refresher Training

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Humanity and Safety

Our Commitment

  • Uganda Safety Council is committed to protecting safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment.
  • Uganda Safety Council corroborates both local and international network and partners.
  • Uganda Safety Council works with ministry of labour, Gender and social Development.
  • Uganda Safety Council works with International Labour Organizations and many other organizations and stake holders locally.
  • Uganda Safety Council aims to promote all courses that lead to internationally recognised qualifications, accredited by NEBOSHH the awarding body for international Occupational Heath and Safety worldwide.

Our Functions

  • Promotion and fostering of strict and adherence to the Occupational Safety, Health Administration Act (OSHA) guidelines and principles of safety in work places.
  • Prevent and eliminate occupational accidents, diseases and injuries of workers and at work places.
  • Investigations of any act, omission, advice, decision or recommendations by a public officer or any other Authority to which public and occupational safety must be taken, made, given or done in exercise for administrative functions.
    Promotions and fostering of strict adherence to construction of safe and health work place.
  • Stimulation of public awareness about the values of public and occupational safety in general and the activities of the office in particular through any media and other means considered as appropriate.
  • Conduct training courses and seminars on occupational safety and health for employees, employers and other stake holders to stimulate interests in matters connected with occupational safety and health.
  • Carry out specific inspections with regard to working methods, production methods and process and planning of industrial building with an aim of improving productivity.
  • Ensure compliance with all provisions of the occupational safety and health Act 2006 and its subsidiary legislation.
  • Ensure safe handling and use of Toxic chemicals in chemical industries.
    Ensure provision of adequate occupation health services (first Aid, emergency clinics on site) among others.
  • Uganda Safety Council ensures inspection of working places to ascertain good working conditions and safe guard occupational injuries, accidents and diseases.
    Uganda Safety Council identifies occupational hazards and putting in place measures to contract their occurrences/re-occurrences.
  • Uganda Safety Council sets occupational safety and health standards and enforcing compliance through the country